Brown Davis Africa is operated by Kallie Kruger and his son CJ based in South Africa. They have been distributing leisure/outdoor equipment in Africa since 2010. Along with distributing in the leisure/outdoor channel, they also specialise in tourism, 4×4 rental, and mining vehicle fit-out.


Brown Davis Automotive was established in 1978 in Melbourne Australia. For over 30 years Brown Davis has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of specialist products for the automotive industry. From small beginnings, Brown Davis has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket fuel tanks, ROPS, Rollcages and Underbody Protection in the world today.

The initial focus of Brown Davis was motorsport in Australia designing and manufacturing light weight alloy fuel tanks and safety roll cage structures for racing cars. Stemming from this, came an ability to fabricate in many of the more exotic materials. Today Brown Davis prides itself as being the bench mark for quality and service.